Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WIP Wednesday

Dear Muse,

So on this Work in Progress Wednesday, I'm SUPPOSED to have some PROGRESS to report. Quite frankly, it's getting embarrassing.  Is this what you would call writers block?  Because whatever it is stinks!  We haven't written in over two weeks.

I know you'll argue I haven't been home much lately, but whenever I think about my WIP, I feel like a brick wall goes up.  I guess I just need to plant myself in a chair and do it, whether you're cooperating or not.  Eventually you'll get tired of seeing me mess it all up and start trying to fix things, isn't that right, Muse?

And for the record, yesterday was a tease.  I can't believe you made me think we were going to write.  The second I sat down, the backs of my eyelids were calling much louder than you were.  So they won.

So how about it?  Give me a little something to report for next week, eh?

The Writer


  1. Eh. It happens to the best of us. Before yesterday, I hadn't written in almost 7 days. :)

  2. I agree with Jennifer - it happens. Have you though of taking a short break to work on something else - maybe like a short story or something. I know the little short that I put up on my blog last week was really fun to write just because A. it gave me a break from my WIP and B. it's just always fun to stretch those short story muscles a bit.

  3. Love the fight between the Muse and the eyelids. My eyelids probably would've won as well. :) It will happen for you soon. :)


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